Heavy Duty Fixed Castor - Solid White Nylon Wheel - Plate Fitting

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A Heavy Duty Fixed Castor Wheel in Plate Fitting suitable for loads of 400kg - 800kg per Castor and is 100mm - 250mm in diameter. Manufactured as a Solid White Nylon wheel.

Further specification and sizes can be found below.  Please chose an option from the dropdown in step 2 and add to cart when you are ready to purchase.

This range is also available as a swivel plate fitting.

Type Diameter Plate Size Capacity Height Model Price
100 Fixed 100mm 135mm x 110mm 400kgs 142mm BZPF 100 NY 14.25
125 Fixed 125mm 135mm x 110mm 750kgs 164mm BZPF 125 NY 14.50
150 Fixed 150mm 135mm x 110mm 800kgs 194mm BZPF 150 NY 15.50
200 Fixed 200mm 135mm x 110mm 800kgs 239mm BZPF 200 NY 20.25
250 Fixed 250mm 135mm x 110mm 800kgs 292mm BZPF 250 NY 33.50


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