Solid White Nylon Wheels

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White Nylon Wheels are suitable for loads of 80kg - 1000kg per Wheel and are 40mm - 250mm in diameter, with a hub size of between 39mm - 60mm. Manufactured as Solid White Nylon.

Further specification and sizes can be found below.  Please chose an option from the dropdown in step 2 and add to cart when you are ready to purchase.

This range is available in Plain Bore or Roller Bearing, explained below.

Plain Bore
A plain bore is simple and rugged, with a resistance to wear and tear.  Their starting and rolling resistance is fairly high which means they require a fair amount of effort to get them going.

Roller Bearings
Roller bearings are more robust and durable, and allow for an easier movement of the wheel due to their reduced friction in comparison to the plain bore.

Type Diameter Hub Bore Bearing Capacity Model Price
40 Plain 40mm 39mm 15mm Plain 200kgs BZXH40WNYM15 1.25
50 Plain 50mm 24mm 8mm Plain 80kgs BZV050WNY2 0.80
60 Plain 60mm 39mm 12mm Plain 150kgs BZMM60WNY 1.75
63 Plain 63mm 33mm 9mm Plain 120kgs BZMM63WNY 0.75
65 Plain 65mm 40mm 15mm Plain 300kgs BZXH65WNYM15 2.20
75 Plain 75mm 39mm 12mm Plain 150kgs BZMM75WNY 1.20
100 Plain 100mm 39mm 12mm Plain 180kgs BZMM100WNY 1.90
125 Plain 125mm 44mm 15mm Plain 300kgs BZH125NY 5.75
150 Plain 150mm 58mm 20mm Plain 350kgs BZVL150WNY5 4.50
160 Plain 160mm 58mm 20mm Plain 350kgs BZVL160WNY 4.25
200 Plain 200mm 58mm 20mm Plain 1000kgs BZV200WNY5 7.60
250 Plain 250mm 60mm 25mm Plain 930kgs BZV250WNY25 19.00
100 Roller 100mm 39mm 12mm Roller 180kgs BZMM100WNYRB 1.90
125 Roller 125mm 44mm 15mm Roller 300kgs BZH125NYRB 5.75
150 Roller 150mm 58mm 20mm Roller 350kgs BZVL150WNYRB5 4.50
160 Roller 160mm 58mm 20mm Roller 350kgs BZVL160WNYRB 4.25
200 Roller 200mm 58mm 20mm Roller 1000kgs BZV200WNYRB5 7.60
250 Roller 250mm 60mm 25mm Roller 930kgs BZV250WNYBJM25 19.00

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