The Unsung Heroes: How Castors and Wheels Keep Businesses Rolling

In the bustling world of industries, there's an unsung hero that silently powers the movement of goods and equipment - castors and wheels. These unassuming components play a vital role in keeping businesses on the move, from bustling factories to bustling hospitals, from dynamic retail environments to lively catering setups. Industries in Motion: Imagine a factory floor where heavy machinery shifts effortlessly,...

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Ever wondered how a Castor is made & works? Look no further!

Have you ever wondered how a Castor is made and how it works? ...No? I thought not. We hadn't either until we realised how many different ones there were! Jason, one of our Castor gurus here at Western Industrial, gave us a really quick crash course on the subject - and it really is rather interesting! (I'm not mad, trust me on this one!) As...

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