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Ever wondered how a Castor is made & works? Look no further!

by Melissa Gunstone 19 Jun 2015

Have you ever wondered how a Castor is made and how it works? ...No? I thought not. We hadn't either until we realised how many different ones there were!

Jason, one of our Castor gurus here at Western Industrial, gave us a really quick crash course on the subject - and it really is rather interesting! (I'm not mad, trust me on this one!)

As I am sure you've worked out, there are numerous parts to a Castor.  Each of these parts require meticulous production processes to ensure the maximum load weights can be achieved without them failing or giving way at the wrong moment - can you imagine?

So, these components not only need to move fluidly under these extreme pressures, but also need to resist any ingress from things like harmful cleaning chemicals, dust and grime that they have any unfortunate encounters with (yuk!). All that testing is to confirm the integrity of the Castor and ensure it lasts as long as possible under normal use.

If you're still with me - fair play! Aside from recommended a better way to spend your time, you should definitely check out the video below created by 'The Geek Group', for Darnell Rose castor manufacturer. This is probably a lot more interesting than me boring you anymore with details - all you have to do is watch!

Who knew the lengths a Castor manufacturer needs to go to in order to create a perfect performing Castor!


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